Are you striving to build a world-class engineering, development or product team at scale? 

James Reynolds, Chief Technology & Product Officer at Backstage, and Jason Jaynes, COO of eCatholic, joined Steve Semelsberger, Testlio's CEO, to discuss scaling systems, maturing processes, and building a culture of quality through different phases of organizational growth. 

We covered topics like:

  • Recruiting and hiring for excellence; use the global opportunity to your advantage and don't be afraid to look outside of the U.S. for talent. James and Jason share their experiences on their search for global talent.
  • Creating and retaining world-class engineering cultures; put high focus and thought into career development for a higher employee retention rate. James and Jason talk about their respective company cultures and its positive impacts.
  • Balancing engineering speed and quality; have well-defined expectations and processes in place. Jason shares tips on operational processes, and James explains his design-forward engineering philosophy.
  • Aligning your investments and resources for quality; explore different technologies that can produce value for your overall development and deployment process. Jason shares about his positive experience with two specific tools that tie seamlessly into their CI/CD pipeline.

Our Host

Steve Semelsberger

CEO of Testlio

Our Panelists

James Reynolds

Chief Technology & Product Officer of Backstage

James is a technology executive and product owner with over 18 years of experience in new media, financial services, and consulting. A Pythonista and Elasticsearch evangelist, he has a deep understanding of scalable Internet solutions and building teams from a few members to many. Prior to Backstage, James was a consultant working on projects from small startups to JP Morgan. He likes skiing and craft beer and wishes there was an Olympic sport marrying the two.

Jason Jaynes

COO of eCatholic 

Jason is an experienced software entrepreneur with 24 years of practice across multiple functions including product management, software engineering, marketing, support and sales; and multiple disciplines including cloud computing, IoT, mobile, security, social media, online advertising and SaaS. As the COO, Jason is responsible for multiple aspects of the eCatholic business, including product and engineering. Prior to eCatholic, Jason was the Head of Technology at Kasita. Jason loves to create and bring products to market.

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