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Economic realities dictate that DevSecOps must find more cost-efficient ways to develop, secure, and manage technology. Yet demands from boardrooms to deliver the next generation of industry-transformative digital products continue to grow. 

Juggling these priorities is top of mind for CTOs, CISOs, and engineering leaders, which is why companies like Clari and Motorola Mobility are increasingly turning to crowdsourced testing as a disruptive staffing model to scale up security and quality testing operations. 

Watch this roundtable discussion to learn how crowdsourced testing programs can:

icon-checkmark  Serve as an extension of internal expertise and capacity. 
icon-checkmark  Provide on-demand access to a global network of skilled quality and security experts to address a broad set of product validation use cases.
icon-checkmark  Help product and security leaders unlock more efficient ways to deliver high-quality, highly secure end-user experiences.
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Cassandra Morton

VP, Customer Success and Account Management


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Shravan Sogani

VP of Engineering


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Summer Weisberg

Chief Customer Officer


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Richard Rushing


Motorola Mobility

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Emeka Obianwu

VP, Alliances and Acquisitions


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