As a Media and Entertainment leader, you face unique challenges in delivering your users an exceptional viewing experience. With competition leveling up, it's time to elevate your OTT testing strategy to crush these obstacles.

Join us for a video session with Ramy Loaiza, Manager of Testing Delivery in Media & Entertainment at Testlio. Immerse yourself in practical use cases that will challenge your perspectives and revolutionize your approach to OTT testing.

Key topics explored:

  • Unveiling Inherent Risks: Delve into the pitfalls and vulnerabilities associated with OTT streaming, from app malfunctions to content discrepancies.
  • Maximizing Coverage Efficiency: Discover how industry leaders leverage crowdsourced testing to overcome challenges and achieve broader coverage.
  • Comprehensive Testing Approach: Acquire practical knowledge of OTT testing plans, strategies, and best practices.

Whether you aim to streamline testing processes or ensure extensive coverage in target media markets (or both!), this webinar will be packed with valuable insights.

Meet Your Experts:

Ramy Loaiza

Manager of Testing Delivery in the Media & Entertainment industry at Testlio

Tim Ryan

Director of Marketing at Testlio

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