What’s Networked Testing?

Networked Testing is a new approach for functional, regression, usability, and other forms of app testing. It is a powerful evolution of in-house, outsourced, and crowdsourced testing practices. Also, Networked Testing aligns with today's moment where product and engineering teams work in a distributed environment.

What’s in this Webinar?

In 30-minutes, learn the principles of networked testing and how you can apply them to achieve faster web and mobile app release cycles, improved app quality, and dramatic cost savings. 

Through practitioner presentations, including case studies from emerging and large companies, learn how you can:

  • Release Faster by matching your agile sprints and delivering results at machine-like speeds
  • Improve App Quality through a remote, expert team of test leads, engagement managers, and testers, operating together as a consistent and cohesive unit
  • Reduce Testing Costs by only using burstable testing resources when you need them with flexible, on-demand capacity

Talk testing with us and stay for the expert Q&A afterward.


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