How we ensure software works on nearly unlimited device combinations poses a challenge for web and mobile app development teams. The potential combinations grow every day. And, end-users expect a seamless experience regardless of device.

Join us to learn not only which device/OS testing combinations are best for maximum coverage and quality results, but also what’s the most efficient approach to real device testing.

Key learnings:

  • Learn the pros & cons of emulators/simulators, device farms, in-house device labs, and in-the-wild human-based testing
  • Understand when to use one method (or a combination) over others
  • Analyze two real device testing use cases to learn how others find their sweet spot to ensure full device coverage
  • How to select device/OS combos and match with in-the-wild testers

Talk testing with us and stay for the expert Q&A afterward!

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Webinar Speaker

John Ruberto

Solutions Architect, Testlio

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