Customers today have very high expectations when it comes to their digital app experiences. They demand engaging, personalized apps that cater to their specific needs and preferences. Global brands serving customers in multiple languages and countries cannot just translate their apps and expect to succeed. Users around the world want experiences that are culturally relevant, device-aligned, and intuitive.

So, how do product teams consistently deliver exceptional end-user experiences across geographies? The answer is a more comprehensive approach to App Localization Testing that ensures every aspect of your user's journey is reflective of language, location, device, and preferences.

With millions of users across dozens of countries and languages, Roku is a company that recognizes the strategic importance of getting App Localization right.

Watch this insightful session with Nicole Kittle Broe, Director of Localization at Roku, Putu Kusumawardhani, Associate Director of Testing Delivery & Localization Testing Lead at Testlio, and Steve Semelsberger, CEO of Testlio, as we explore the unique challenges of localization testing, Roku's approach, and its broader applications for global market expansion.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Core Localization Testing Concepts: Fundamental principles and practices of localization testing and quality assurance (QA).
  • Roku's Localization Journey: Learn about Roku’s unique challenges, approaches, and resulting business impact.
  • Lessons Learned: Discover invaluable insights applicable to other global companies aiming for international success.

If you are a product, quality assurance, localization, or engineering leader tasked with delivering a great digital product across multiple languages and locations, then this webinar is a must-attend.

Meet the experts:

Nicole Kittle Broe

Director of Localization, Roku

Nicole Kittle Broe has been reforming the localization efforts of entertainment industry titans for a decade plus. She is currently the Director of Localization at Roku and has run localization teams and initiatives at Snap, Blizzard, Netflix, Riot Games, and Paramount Pictures. Nicole is passionate about localization industry reform and eager to help localization professionals take their seat at the table alongside engineers and product teams.

Putu Kusumawardhani

Associate Director & Localization Testing Lead, Testlio

With over a decade of professional experience that spans Quality Assurance to Product Management, Putu's expertise shines brightest in the realm of localization testing. For the past 4+ years, She has been dedicated to devising and assembling high-impact localization testing teams for major players in the realms of social media, ride-hailing applications, and platforms like Roku. Her passion lies in harmonizing technology with diverse user experiences, guaranteeing that products resonate with a worldwide audience.

Meet your host:

Steve Semelsberger

CEO, Testlio

Steve Semelsberger is the CEO of Testlio, the originator of networked testing. His 25 year career spans leadership, board, consulting, and investing work with high-growth technology and services companies. He’s the Founder of Alder Growth Partners, was a President at SYPartners, helped grow two startups to acquisitions (Pluck and iChat), and served as an executive on two IPOs (DMD & MOTV). He holds an MBA from Duke University along with a BS from Binghamton University.

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